Zhan zongqian





Name: Zhan Zongqian

Title: Associate Professor, Institute Director

Phone: +86-027-68758428





²  Ph.D., Photogrammetry (Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction), at Wuhan University (WHU), 2003~2007

²  M.S., Remote Sensing (INSAR), at Wuhan University (WHU), 2000~2003.

²  B.S., Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, at Wuhan Technology University of Surveying and Mapping (UTUSM), 1996~2000

Research Interests

²  Camera Calibration: Methods Based on Single LCD and Multi-LCDs

²  Close-range and UAV Photogrammetry: Image Matching, Aerial Triangulation, Bundle Adjustment, 3D Reconstruction, DSM/DEM/DOM Making

²  Oblique Photogrammetry: Aerial Triangulation, Building Reconstruction, Dense Matching for Fine DSM, Real 3D Terrain Model.

²  Remote Sensing: Object Recognition, Landslide Monitoring.


Selected Publications

1.        Zhan Zongqian, Lai Binghua. A Novel DSM Filtering Algorithm for Landslide Monitoring Based on Multi-constraints. IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATIONS AND REMOTE SENSING. 2015, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p324-331.(SCI)

2.        Zhan Zongqian, Wang Xin, Wei Minglu. Fast method of constructing image correlations to build a free network based on image multi-vocabulary trees. JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC IMAGING. 2015, Vol. 24 Issue 3, p1-12. (SCI)

3.        Zhan Zongqian, Wang Xin, Peng Min. The Key Measurable Algorithm Research Based on Panoramic Image of Fish-eye Lens. Bulletin of Surveying2015. Vol 1, 70~74.

4.        Zhan Zongqian, Rao Youzhuo. Application of Rank Deficient Free Network Adjustment to Color Equalization for Close-range Imagery. Remote Sensing Informatrion. 2015,6,3~5.

5.        Zhan Zongqian, Lai Binghua, Wan Jie, Li Lou. Vegetation Detection of Close-range Images Based on Texture Features and Naive Bayes Classifier. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2013,386):665~668. (EI)

6.        Zhan Zongqian. Image Data Processing of Low-altitude Remote Sensing with UAV. The 2nd International Symposium on Earth Observation of Global Changes (EOGC 2009), 25-29 May 2009, Chengdu, China.

7.        Zhan Zongqian, Zhang Xiaoqian. 3D Surface Reconstruction and Panorama Stitching Based on LCD-based Calibration and Multi-baselines Stereo Matching. International Conference on Image Analysis and Signal Processing(IASP 2009).11-12 April 2009,Linhai, Zhejiang, China. (EI)

8.        Zhan Zongqian. Model and Accuracy Analysis of Camera Calibration Based on Double LCDS. Bulletin of Surveying. 2009,11: 14~16.

9.        Zhan Zongqian, Zhang Zuxun, Zhang Jianqing. Precision and Error Analysis of LCD-Based Camera Calibration Method. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University. 2008,32(11):1142~1145. (EI)

10.    Zhan Zongqian. Camera Calibration Based on Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). ISPRS Congress Beijing 2008, Volume XXXVII,Part B3b,Commission III,ISSN : 1682-1750.

11.    Zhan Zongqian, Zhang Zuxun, Zhang Jianqing. Camera Calibration Based on LCD Planar Grid and Interpolation by Finite Elements. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University. 2007, 32(5): 394~397. (EI)

12.    Zongqian Zhan, Zuxun Zhang, Jianqing Zhang . An Integrated Photogrammetric System with Metric Digital Camera and Total Station. Proceedings of the First International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences (IMSCCS'06), (IEEE). 2006.6. HangZhou,China.Vol.1: 747~752. (EI)

13.    Zhan Zongqian, Zhang Zuxun, Zhang Jianqing. A Fast Algorithm of Bundle Adjustment Based on Sparse Matrix Technology. Bulletin of Surveying. 2006, 12: 5~8.

14.    Zhan Zongqian, Zhang Zuxun, Zheng Shunyi, Ji Zheng. 3D Model Reconstruction Based on Multi-baseline Stereo Matching. Geospatial Information. 2004,2 (6): 17~19.


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