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Name: Jizhang Sang

Title: Professor

Phone: 86 27 68758522

Fax: 86 27 68758371
Email: jzhsang@sgg.whu.edu.cn


Ph.D., Satellite Navigation, Queensland University of Technology, 1997

M.S., Geodesy, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, 1986

B.S., Geodesy, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, 1983

Research Interests

Space Geodesy

Satellite Navigation

Space Situational Awareness

Orbit Mechanics

Selected Publications

1.         Sang, J., Li, B., Chen, J., Zhang, P., Ning, J., Analytical Representations of Precise Orbit Predictions for Earth Orbiting Space Objects, Advances in Space Research, under review, 2016 (SCI).

2.         Li, B., Sang, J., Zhang, Z., A Real-Time Orbit Determination Method for Smooth Transition from Optical Tracking to Laser Ranging of Debris. Sensors, 16, 962, 2016 (SCI).

3.         Peng, D., Zhang, K., Sang, J., Wu, S., Wu, B., Space-borne pseudo-range reconstruction and its performance analysis in dynamic orbit determination, Journal of Spatial Science, DOI: 10.1080/14498596.2014.924443, 2015 (SCI).

4.         Bennett, J.C., Sang, J., Smith, C., Zhang, K., An analysis of very short-arc orbit determination for low-Earth objects using sparse optical and laser tracking data, Advances in Space Research, 55617-629, 2015 (SCI).

5.         Wang, F., Gong, X., Sang, J., Zhang, X., A novel method for precise onboard real-time orbit determination with a standalone GPS receiver, Sensors, 15: 30403–30418, 2015 (SCI).

6.         Shi, C., Li, W.W., Li, M., Zhao, Q., Sang, J., Calibrating the scale of the NRLMSISE00 model during solar maximum using the two line element dataset, Advances in Space Research, 56: 1-9, 2015 (SCI).

7.         Sang, J., Bennett, J.C., Achievable debris orbit prediction accuracy using laser ranging data from a single station, Advances in Space Research, 54: 119-124, 2014 (SCI).

8.         Sang, J., Bennet, J.C., Smith, C., Experimental results of debris orbit predictions using sparse tracking data from Mt. Stromlo, Acta Astronautica, 102: 258-268, 2014 (SCI).

9.         Sang, J., Bennett, J.C., Smith, C.H., Estimation of ballistic coefficients of low altitude debris objects from historical two line elements, Advances in Space Research, 52: 117-124, 2013 (SCI).

10.     Bennett, J.C., Sang, J., Smith, C.H., Zhang, K., Accurate orbit predictions for debris orbit manoeuvre using ground-based lasers, Advances in Space Research, 52: 1876-1887, 2013 (SCI).

11.     Sang, J., Smith, C., Zhang, K., Towards accurate atmospheric mass density determination using precise positional information of space objects, Advances in Space Research, 49: 1088-1096, 2012 (SCI).



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