Luo nianxue



Name:Nianxue Luo







Ph.D., Survey engineering, Wuhan University, 2002

M.S., Survey engineering, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, 1991

B.S., Survey engineering, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, 1988

Research Interests

Emergency Management GIS

Selected Publications

1.       Hu, Chunchun; Luo, Nianxue; Zhao, QianshengFast fuzzy trajectory clustering strategy based on data summarization and rough approximation cluster computer, CLUSTER COMPUTING-THE JOURNAL OF NETWORKS SOFTWARE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS   Volume: 19   Issue: 3   Pages: 1411-1420   Published: SEP 2016

2.       Zhao, Qiansheng ; Chen, Zi; Li, Shengming ; Luo, Nianxue, The study of disaster situation awareness based on volunteered geographic information, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT EARTH OBSERVING AND APPLICATIONS 2015, Book Series: Proceedings of SPIE, Volume: 9808, Published: 2015

3.       Hu, Chunchun; Zhao, Qiansheng; Luo, Nianxue, Generalized trajectory fuzzy clustering based on the multi-objective mixed function, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS, Volume: 29 Issue: 6 Pages: 2653-2660, Published: 2015

4.       Hu, Chunchun ; Luo, Nianxue; Yan Xiaohong; Shi Wenzhong, Traffic Flow Data Mining and Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Clustering Techniques, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FUZZY SYSTEMS, Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Pages: 344-349, Published: DEC 2011

5.       Zhao Qiansheng; Zhu Haiguo; Luo Nianxue, Research on the emergency decision –making information extraction on using theory of complex spatial relationship, Journal of Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice, Vol.35, No.10, Published: OCT 2015

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