Liu huihui





Name: Huihui Liu

Title: Assistant experimenter



Email: hhliu@sgg.whu.edu.cn



²  A Ph.D Candidate, Cartography and geographic information engineering, at Wuhan University, 2009~Now

²  M.S., Surveying and mapping engineering, University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, 2008

²  B.S., Geoinformation Sciences, Wuhan Technology University of Surveying and Mapping (UTUSM), 2000

Research Interests

Major research directions include space-time GIS, space-time data processing, space-time trajectory data analysis.

Selected Publications

1.      LIU Huihui, KAN Zihan, WU Huayi, TANG Luliang. Taxis’ Short-term Out-of-service behaviors Detection Using Big Trace Data. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2016, 0(9): 29-34.

2.      LIU Huihui, KAN Zihan, SUN Fei, DUAN Qian, TANG Luliang, WU Huayi. Taxis' Short-Term Out-of-Service Behaviors Detection Using Big Trace Data. GEOMATICS AND INFORMATION SCIENCE OF WUHAN UNIVERS, 2016, 41(9): 1192-1198.


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