Liu guanlan



Name: Liu Guanlan

Title: Lecture

Phone: +86-(0)27-68771570





Ph.D., Geomatics Engineering, Wuhan University, 2013

M.S., Geomatics Engineering, Wuhan University, 2007

B.S., Surveying Engineering, Wuhan University, 2005

Research Interests

Precise Engineering Surveying

Industry Surveying

Selected Publications

1.         Liu Guanlan, Xu Yaming, Bai Wenfeng. “A Method to Determine the Deformation of Tunnel Section”. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2016,(2):103-106.

2.         Liu Guanlan, Yang Chuang, Cui Guoli. “Practice of Precise Trigonometric Leveling in Plateau Area”. Journal of Geomatics, 2016,41(5):12-16.

3.         Liu Guanlan, Xu Yaming, Bai Wenfeng. “Defined the Deformation of Tunnel Section by Hausdorff Distance”. Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying, 2014,42(1): 62-65,82.

4.         Xu Yaming, Liu Guanlan, Bai Wenfeng. “Kalman Filter Model Considering Pit Construction Simulation Evaluation for Tunnel Deformation Prediction”. Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2013,38(11):1322-1325.


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