Huo xueshen


Name: Hok Sum Fok (霍学深)
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: (+086) 027-68778404

Email: xshhuo@sgg.whu.edu.cn

Selected Publications
1.         Zhang, B., Y. Yao, H.S. Fok, Y. Hu, Q. Chen (2016) Potential seasonal terrestrial water storage monitoring from GPS vertical displacements: A case study in the lower three-rivers headwater region, China, Sensors, 16: 1526 (SCI).
2.         Fok, H.S. (2015), Data Fusion of Multisatellite Altimetry for Ocean Tides Modeling: A Spatio-Temporal Approach with Potential Oceanographic Applications, International Journal of Image and Data Fusion, 6(3): 232-248.
3.         Stammer, D., R.D. Ray, O.B. Anderson, B.K. Arbic, W. Bosch, L. Carrere, Y. Cheng, D.S. Chinn, B.D. Dushaw, G.D. Egbert, S.Y. Erofeeva, H.S. Fok, J.A.M. Green, S. Griffiths, M.A. King, F.G. Lemoine, S.B. Luthcke, F. Lyard, J. Morison, M. Muller, L. Padman, J.G. Richman, J.F. Shriver, C.K. Shum, E. Taguchi, Y. Yi (2014). Accuracy assessment of global ocean tide models, Reviews of Geophysics, 2014, 52(3): 243–282 (SCI).
4.         Fok, H.S., C.K. Shum, Y. Yi, A. Braun, H.B. Iz. Evidence of seasonal variation of altimetry derived ocean tides in the sub-arctic ocean, Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 2013, 24(4), 605–613 (SCI).
5.         Zhou, X., H.S. Fok*. Contemporary progress of GPS time series noise characterization for continental plate motion, International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, 2014, 7(1): 60–66 [EI].
6.         Fok, H.S., C.K. Shum, Y. Yi, H. Araki, J. Ping, J.G. Williams, G. Fotopoulos, H. Noda, S. Goossens, Q. Huang, Y. Ishihara, K. Matsumoto, J. Oberst, and S. Sasaki. Accuracy assessment of lunar topography models, Earth, Planets, and Space, 2011, 63(1), 15–23 (SCI).
7.         Fok, H.S., H.B. Iz, C.K. Shum, Y. Yi, O. Andersen, A. Braun, Y. Chao, G. Han, C.Y. Kuo, K. Matsumoto, Y.T. Song. Evaluation of ocean tide models used for Jason-2 altimetry corrections, Marine Geodesy, 2010, 33(S1), 285–303 (SCI).


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