Aero Space Surveying

Aero Space Surveying


The Institute of Aero Space Surveying aims training students with new advanced engineering technology for surveying and mapping to meet digital surveying system in the information age. The institute has achieved great excellence both at education and in research, which undertakes undergraduate and graduate education in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing, and has won Grand Prize in National teaching contest for young teachers of Surveying and mapping; and meanwhile, has accomplished 11 National Science Fund Projects, 2 National 863 Programs, 1 National Science-technology Support Plan Projects, 1 Industry Public Welfare Project. The institute has possessed more than 10 software copyright registration certification and several provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological Awards.

The institute mainly focuses on the following research topics: (1)Vehicle-Borne Mobile Mapping; (2) Oblique Photogrammetry; (3) High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Processing; (4)UAV Remote Sensing Data Processing; (4) Lidar Data Processing; (5)Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition; (6)Quantitative Remote Sensing;

There are 16 faculty members and about 80 graduate students currently, including 1 Luojia distinguished professors, 2 Luojia Young Scholars, 1 Xiangjiang Scholars.


·        Chen Changjun

·         Deng Fei

·         Liu Huihui

·         Li Yan

·         Liu Yi

·         Qiao Junjun

·         Xie Hong

·         Xu Fang

·         Yan Li

·         Yuan Qiangqiang

·         Zhan Zongqian

·         Zhang Yi

·         Zhang JIngxiong

·         Zhao Zhan

·         Zheng Li

·         Zhu Huiping