Positioning and Navigation Engineering


The Institute of Positioning and Navigation Engineering at the School of Geodesy and Geomatics in Wuhan University is one of the leading institutes in the field of Satellite Positioning and Navigation in China. The institute has achieved great excellence both at education and in research. The institute mainly focuses on the following research topics: (1) GNSS and its applications, including Precise Point Positioning, Precise Orbit Determination, Autonomous Orbit Determination of Navigation Satellites, GNSS Meteorology, etc.; (2) GNSS/INS integration; (3) VLBI technologies and applications; (4) Indoor Positioning Technology. There are 10 faculty members and 40 graduate students currently.


  • Huang Hailan
  • Huang Jinsong
  • Li Zhenghang
  • Liu Wanke
  • Qiu Weining
  • Sun Haiyan
  • Wang Fuhong
  • Wei Erhu
  • Wu Yun
  • Xu Xiaohua
  • Yao Yibin
  • Zhang Xiaohong
  • Zhu Zhiqin
  • Zou Xiancai