Surveying Engineering

Surveying Engineering


The Institute of Surveying Engineering (ISE) is one of the five institutes attached to the School of Geodesy and Geomatics. ISE takes responsibilities of undergraduate and graduate courses including Principles and Methods of Digital Mapping, Fundamental of Geodesy, Industry Surveying and so on. ISE is one of the three support units of the Key Lab of Precise Engineering and Industry Surveying, affiliated to State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

The institute now has 20 teachers, including 11 professors (7 doctoral supervisors included), 4 associate professors and 5 lecturer.

Research Fields:

·         Theories and methods of precise industry surveying

·         Multi-sensor integration

·         Large-scale construction safety monitoring and disaster alarming

·         Industry surveying

·         Hydrographic surveying and charting

·         Value-added services in Geomatics engineering

Major awards:

·         10+ projects approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China and 863 Project of China

·         3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards

·         20+ Sci-tech Advance Prize at ministerial and provincial levels

·         12+ software registrations

·         8+ patents

Selected technology achievements:

·         Precision trigonometric elevation measurement techniques

·         Digital level technology based on code phase with proportion load

·         Telemetry digital plumb line apparatus

·         Ground-based digital mapping integration system

·         Software System on integrated hydrographic surveying and charting

·         Software package of integrated ground control network data processing

·         GNSS precise positioning system

·         Deformation monitoring software system based on geo-robot

·         Deformation monitoring automatic system based on Multi-antenna GNSS receiver


·         Chao Baichong

·         Ding Shijun

·         Guo Jiming

·         Hua XiangHong

·         Huang Shengxiang

·         Jiang Zheng

·         Liu Guanlan

·         Liu Zongquan

·         Mei Wensheng

·         Shi Junbo

·         Su Xinzhou

·         Wang Aixue

·         Xiang Dong

·         Xing Cheng

·         Xu Jinjun

·         Xu Yaming

·         Ye Xiaoming

·         Zhang Peng

·         Zhao Jianhu

·         Zou Jingui