1. Program Name:


2. Cultivation Goal of the Major

The curriculums aim at cultivating graduates who are well developed morally, intellectually, and physically to adapt to the needs of the economic and social development. Possessing solid mathematics, physics foundations, deep attainments of scientific research and humanities as well as the professional basic theories and practical skills, they have abilities to solve problems of geophysics and can be engaged in the fields of higher education, scientific research, science and technology development, engineering technology and management.

3. Professional Features and Cultivation Requirements

Geophysics is a discipline which explores the earth's physical properties with the theories and methods of physics. The major aims at training students to master theories and skills of the following subjects: Gravity Theory of Earth, Seismology, Geomagnetism, Technology and Science of Seismic Exploration, Tectonic and Crustal Movement, theories and processing methods on Geophysical Exploration, the theory of Foundation of Geodesy and its applications in Geophysics.

4. Educational System and Credits Requirements

Educational System: 4 years

Credits Requirements: 150 credits

5. Granted Degree

Bachelor of Science.

6. Core Curriculums and Bilingual Curriculums

Basic Curriculums:

Special topics in Geophysics, Gravity Theory of Earth, Seismology, Geomagnetism, Technology and Science of Seismic Exploration.

Core Curriculums:

General Geology, Tensor Analysis and Elasticity Mechanics, Geo-electricity, Crustal Heat Flow, Crustal Deformation

Bilingual Curriculums:

Seismology, Special Topics in Geophysics, The Physics of the Earth's Interior.

7. Main Experiments and Demand of Practical Teaching

Physics Experiment,Geological Filed Trip,Geophysics Synthesis Practice(mainly including Practices of Density Measurement, Ultrasonic Waves Measurement, Gravity, Geomagnetism, Geo-electricity and so on),Seismic-station-network data processing,Seismic Exploration Data Gathering and Processing, Curriculum Design for Crustal Deformation, Graduation Design (Graduation Thesis).

8. Graduation and Other Important Declarations

Graduation is granted when the undergraduate has got the minimum credits required and passed the thesis oral defense, also with his/her scores of English test meeting the requirement of Wuhan University. If he/she meets the requirements the degree granting, he/she will be awarded with the Degree of Bachelor of Science.