President Li Xiaohong Came to Visit and Investigate the School of Geodesy and Geomatics

On the morning of Jan. 11th, Li Xiaohong, President of Wuhan university, accompanied by Qian Jianguo, director of the president office, and Hu Xiwei, from the comprehensive division of the president office, came to visit and investigate the School of Geodesy and Geomatics.

The group visited the Data Processing Center, the Experimental Teaching Center of Geodesy and Geomatics and some institutes. During the visit, President Li inquired about the development of the school and talked with the teachers working there.

After the visit, President Li had a discussion with the school leaders. Li Jiancheng, the Dean, and Zhu Deyou, the Secretary of the Party Committee briefly reported to President Li about the evolution of the school, situations about teaching, research and social services, the key points of the school development in the near and far future and the problems and difficulties that the school is facing at present.

President Li gave the full affirmation to the preceding work. After listening to the report. He discussed with all the members of the school leading group how to maitain the leading edge in discipline construction, research development and talent cultivation. He believed that the focus of the school work should be carried on with great efforts; in the meantime, he hoped that the school of Geodesy and Geomatics could contribute more to the country by carrying forward the glorious  tradition of solidarity and innovation.