The Third "Yaoqun"Cultural Festival for Graduates of SGG kicks Off

At 7:00 pm on March 25th, 2011, the opening ceremony of the Third "Yaoqun"(means "dedicate to work and enjoy learning from each other") Cultural Festival for Graduates of SGG was held in the auditorium of the school. 

The event was paid much attention to by the school leaders and the opening ceremony was grand and extraordinary. The people attending the ceremony included Cao Lixin, the vice secretary of the Party Committee, Xu Yamin, the vice dean, Chu Lili, graduate counselor, Zhuhua, the vice director of the Graduate Working Department of the university and some leaders of the Youth League Committee of the university. 

Zhuhua made a speech first in the ceremony in which he pointed out that it was very helpful to hold such kind of festivals among graduates since their life could be enriched and their comprehensive abilities could be improved. Then Cao Lixin delivered an address, saying that the school motto "dedicate to work, enjoy learning from others, seek truth and make innovation" is always the spirit of running our school, also has instructive significance to the values and behaviors of graduates in SGG. She suggested that students activities in SGG are creative and positive, and this festival must make more success since it is based on the two previous successful festivals. At last, Zhou Hongliang, the chairman of Graduate Union of SGG, gave a brief introduction to a series of activities in this festival, which included six activity blocks: cultural heritage, party construction, passionate sports, mental health, first aid, leisure and entertainment. The opening ceremony was concluded successfully and the "Yaoqun" Festival kicked off. The festival will last for about three months until June.