Chief Scientist of Microsoft Photogrammetry Dr. Michael Gruber Visited Our School and Gave a Special

On May 25th, 2011, Dr. Michael Gruber, Chief Scientist of Microsoft Photogrammetry and Dr. Li Xueyou, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Siwei Spatial Data Technology Co., Ltd, visited our school.

On the morning of May 25th, Dr. Michael Gruber gave a specialist lecture on “Microsoft Photogrammetry Technology and Trends” for the teachers and students from our school and the school of remote sensing and information engineering. Afterwards, Dr. Li Xueyou made some explanations about the reseach in this field. At the end of the lecture, the audience raised many questions and Dr. Michael Gruberanswered them very patiently.

Dr. Michael Gruber is the chief scientist at Microsoft Grammetry Division and his reseach in digital photogrammetry is at the forefront of the world. At the same time, he holds several US patents for developments in digital photogrammetry. During the visit, the two sides discussed about the future cooperation and some specific plans and arrangements have been made.