Welcome From the Dean

Welcome to the School of Geodesy and Geomatics(SGG) at Wuhan University. I am

pleased to introduce you to the academic programs, faculty, research areas and

students that make our school an invigorating place to learn.


SGG is a leading school in geodesy and geomatics in the whole nation, providing

undergraduates, graduates and professional students with a wide range of

programs, research and productive life. Our faculty are committed to outstanding

teaching and research, having won numerous teaching and research awards

our graduates have found successful careers in the field of geodesy and geomatics

and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.


As the dean of SGG, I want to build on the high-level and international approaches so that it becomes one of the truly 

prestigious cradle in Geodesy and Geomatics worldwide. In achieving this goal, our mission is to help our students

benefit from the academic environment and acquire a broad range of knowledge, creative research skills,

collaborative abilities, and intellectual curiosity that are vital to personal and professional success. Therefore,

it is our obligation to work hard for the high-quality education, research and talent cultivation as well as public service.




Yibin Yao


Dean and Professor


School of Geodesy and Geomatics


Wuhan University